Sunpak Buying Guide

Just because the sun goes down or the weather unexpectedly turns chilly doesn't mean your outdoor dining or entertaining event has to end. You can now comfortably and efficiently warm your outdoor space and extend your outdoor entertaining season for several months with our great line-up of Sunpak patio heaters.

Sunpak heaters are simple to operate and use draft free, highly energy efficient infrared heating technology to warm a space like how the sun warms your skin on a sunny day. Sunpak heaters warm people and objects rather than heat the air. Sunpak heaters have been installed worldwide in thousands of residential and commercial applications. To help guide you in selecting which model is right for you, we have created a 3 easy step buying guide.

Sunpak Features

  • Efficient Infrared Technology
  • Constructed of heavy-duty powder coated steel or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Single and Dual Stage models available
  • Up to 34,000 BTU’s
  • Mounting Brackets Included
  • 10mph Wind rating

4 Models to Choose From

Model Min. Mounting Height BTU Heat Bloom Controls
S25 8ft 25k 10x10 Not Included
S34 9ft 34k 12x12 Not Included
S34TSH 9ft 25k-34k lo: 10x10 | hi: 12x12 Hardwire Hi/Lo Switch Included
S34TSR 9ft 25k-34k lo: 10x10 | hi: 12x12 Hi/Lo Handheld Remote Control Included

Step 1. Measure and analyze the space

First step in determining how many and which heater to purchase is to measure your space. You need to decide if you are looking to heat the entire space or a just a specific seating area within that space. Sunpak infrared patio heaters produce a warm blanket of infrared rays that will keep people and objects within its heat bloom warm, not the air. Once you have measured your space you need to confirm if you have proper ventilation to install a gas heater.

Step 2. Determine how many BTUs you need for your Patio

A good rule of thumb to verify how many BTU’s you need for your patio is to take the cubic feet of an area multiplied by the desired rise in temperature to get the total BTUs needed to heat your space. Divide the BTU needed by the BTU output of the heater, and you get an idea of how many heaters you will need. Remember, wind can affect the heat output so if you live in an area that is susceptible to high wind, you may want extra units in the space. Use calculator below, enter the dimensions of your space and your desired rise in temperature followed by either 25,000 BTU’s or 34,000 BTU’s which are the BTU output of Sunpak heaters.

Step 3. Select your Control options

Now that you have measured the space and determined about how many heaters you will need, now you need to decide what do you want your heater to do and how do you want to control it.

Do you want simple on and off with the flip of a switch? If so, we recommend either the S25 or the S34. These are single stage units that will turn on and off. Controls are not included so you will have your installer connect them to an on/off switch of your choice.

If you want more flexibility on heat output and would prefer a hi/lo setting, then we recommend the S34TSR or S34TSH. TheS34TSR and S34TSH are dual stage heaters that have a hi and a lo setting. The TSR will come with a handheld remote that will allow you to operate the heater on and off and hi and Lo with a handheld remote from the comfort of your couch. The TSH will come with a hardwired switch that will allow you to turn the unit on and off and hi and lo with a switch on the wall, no need to worry about misplacing remotes with this option. Whichever option you prefer will help solidify your choice.

Last thing to decide would be the finish of your heater, Black or 304 Stainless steel and if you want to add a fascia kit to give the heater a bit of a decorative element to it.

Sunpak heaters have been installed in thousands of residential patio and commercial applications all over the US and Canada, If you are still unsure which option is right for you please reach out to our Patio Specialist today!